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  • Жоао Лавинас

    България / гр.София

    Business Development Manager, Decart Ltd

    Интернет/Електронна търговия

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  • Образование
    • Allison
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  • Business Development Manager
    Decart Ltd
    България / гр.София
    от Август 2012 - до момента
    • Contribute to the development and refinement of Company’s vision and strategy
    • Support the overall process of management and corporate decision-making to ensure the organization maximizes its short, medium and long-term profitability and shareholder returns
    • Liaise with other executive heads on the implementation of the company’s strategic and operational plans
    • Develop, review, and report on the business development division’s strategy, ensuring the strategic objectives are well understood and executed by the team
    • Impact the profitability of the company through ensuring strategic and tactical management decisions and new business development results
    • Marketing
    • Competitor and market analysis
    • Develop and lead the Business Development team in sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities
    • Ensure efficient and effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning through the
    Marketing department
    • Present a budget for board approval and prudently manage resources within those budgetary guidelines according to company policy and within ethical corporate governance guidelines
    • Maintain and develop organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies.
  • Образование
  • Allison
    Великобритания / London
    от 2007 - до 2011
    Social Media Marketing (Магистър)
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    • 0 Social Media Marketing 
Професионална мрежа
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