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  • Sales Director
    Варна Дейта Център ЕООД
    България / гр.Варна
    от Август 2011 - до момента
    Our purpose is to provide our customers with quality services and to justify their expectations for continuity of the connection and data security.
    Our strategically located Carrier Neutral Data Center allows customers to choose their connectivity to one or more (duplicate) Internet providers.

    Varna Data Center ensures the highest standard of quality for all its services:
    * Security – secure, reliable environment for systems and storage backup and transfer of highly sensitive data;
    * Availability /continuity/ - loss of data or power outage can lead to revenue loss and additional costs. Functionality of all systems, as well as perfect protection against unauthorized intrusion, must be maintained constantly;
    * Scaling - size, location and characteristics of the IT infrastructure must not only meet the current, but also future requirements. Varna Data Center is sufficiently flexible and adapted to business development, as well as to the requirements of technological progress;
    * Flexibility - The size of the IT infrastructure and the level of service should be flexible, as well as the stuff – highly qualified. They are the ones who build a stable system from the beginning, and they are those who ensure operational reliability.
  • Образование
  • Икономически университет
    България / гр.Варна
    от 1995 - до 2000
    Финанси (Магистър)
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Професионална мрежа
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